The automatic oil condition monitoring instruments are mainly used for accurate analysis. These are comparatively costlier than manual oil condition monitoring instruments. These instruments work with minimum human interference and thereby have much reliable and accurate results.

These instruments are selected under following circumstances:

  • High accuracy requirements
  • High criticality of the lubrication or hydraulic system
  • Requirement of real-time reporting of oil parameter values for further control and action
  • Computation of trend and prediction of future failures.
  • Compliance to the equipment O&M standards

Testing instruments offered under this category of products are:

  • Online slave type laser particle counters (NAS Analysers)
  • Portable online laser particle counters (NAS Analysers)
  • Portable offline-cum-online laser particle counters (NAS Analysers)
  • Automatic Karl Fischer titrator
  • Automatic titrator for TAN
  • BDV test kit