CCS Series:

The Chemical Cleaning System works on high velocity flushing technology to clean chamber/interior, pipe system, cavity of a component. Minimac’s Chemical Cleaning Systems are designed and developed equipment which have the pumping, filtration and heating capability thereby to create turbulence inside the pipelines to be flushed.

This technology has its application on chemical cleaning too along with lube oil flushing, hydraulic oil flushing, water glycol flushing and water flushing. The key element for right product offering depends on the requirement of the client and the diameters of the pipeline as well as the fluid which has to be used for flushing. One can be assured of a trouble free start-up and prolonged equipment life, with extended time periods before maintenance.


  • Under PPS operations
  • Upstream, midstream, downstream & petrochemicals (oil & gas)
  • Power generation
  • Pipelines and pumps of turbine lube oil system