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As a pre-commissioning activity, circulation of high velocity, high flow oil through a lube oil/hydraulic system/cooler tube/compressor and turbine lube oil systems. Flushing is to remove impurities sitting on the inside of the pipe systems. We use high velocity flushing technology to clean chamber/interior, pipe system, cavity of a component. We design and develop equipment which have the pumping, filtration and heating capability, to create turbulence inside the pipelines to be flushed. This turbulence removes all contamination from the internal walls of the pipe system. HVF technology has its application on lube oil, chemical cleaning, water glycol flushing, water flushing and hydraulic oil flushing. The key element for right product offering depends on the requirement of the client and the diameters of the pipeline as well as the fluid which has to be used for flushing. It is an essential maintenance process to extend the life of rotating equipment, keeping turbines, compressors, engines, etc. operating at their optimum level, and improving their reliability. At the end of flushing job, a comprehensive report is submitted documenting the oil cleanliness through multiple methods.

We have well maintained RENTAL FLEET of High Velocity Flushing Systems available across the globe.

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