HPU Series:

Hydraulic Oil Flushing System works on high velocity flushing technology, which helps you boost equipment reliability and avoid costly maintenance. Contaminants enter hydraulic oil piping in different ways during construction, commissioning, repairs, and when machine/component failure occurs. Circulation of high velocity, high flow oil creates a turbulence which dislodges the impurities and contaminants present in the pipelines of a hydraulic system, thereby saving thousands of dollars plus the peace of mind in knowing that you have a super clean system.

These contaminants range from pipe scale, welding slag, metal shavings, dirt, dust, water, rags, etc. If left within the piping or tubing circuits prior to start-up, these contaminants can compromise the potential lifespan of a critical hydraulic equipment, no matter how clean the oil is. You can be assured of a trouble free start-up and prolonged equipment life, with extended time periods before maintenance and oil replacement are needed.


  • Pipelines and allied systems of hydraulic control system