Importance of Filter Carts and how to select the right one?

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

A lubricant filter cart is an important tool that can be used in many ways. From filtering all types of new and used oil to taking samples and transferring oil, filter carts are considered to be a must-have for an effective lubrication program. Oil filter carts have many benefits; they can be customized to fit any plant as per the uses and specifications. If designed, it can also give a warning if the unit needs servicing.

The uses and importance of filter carts are as follows

  1. For cleaning the lubricants stored
  2. For transferring the filtered oil to a machine or containers
  3. For reconditioning of oil (currently in use)
  4. For flushing (power, line, wand, etc.)
  5. For contamination control functions (hose cleaning)
  6. For meeting cleanliness standards

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How to select the right filter cart?

If you don’t want your money to get wasted, select the right filter cart considering the below check-points:

  1. Check the type of oil before buying a filter cart because carts are designed as per the viscosity levels. If a plant uses different types of oil then multiple filter carts are to be used.
  2. Choose a filter cart that can be carried easily to the place of its application. Here, you have to consider the source of power as well.
  3. Knowing your oil cleanliness target is very important before you buy filter carts. Don’t depend on the ISO standards entirely to evaluate used oil. Considering the specification of the type of oil is vital. We know that when viscosity increases, the cleanliness level decreases.
  4. Check the oil flow rate. Powerful carts will cost you more, so it’s very important to know the filter’s flow rate before buying.
  5. Customization of filter cart can be done, check before you buy if it matches your requirements or not. For example, the installation of bypass valves, dual filters, etc.

It is always better to take a second opinion than to stick with a single thought. It’s advisable to have a discussion with your filter distributor or manufacturer to find the best option. Remember that the filter cart must be chosen carefully and effectively to meet the cleanliness goals.

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