Importance of product storage

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

Product storage is an important criterion for any segment of products. It plays a vital role in the longevity of the products, every product in any form has a certain life period and this life period forms the baseline of the product.

Coming to the lubricating oil industry, product life period plays an important role in the smooth running of the machinery and the plant. As these oils play a very important role in the day to day functioning of critical machinery, so if not maintained properly these can lead to the breakdown of machinery thereby leading to a shutdown of the plant which leads to the incurrence of huge loss.

Therefore it is very important that these oils should be used well in advance before their life period expires.

We can hereby pen down certain prerequisite conditions for storage of lubricants:

  1. Pre usage Inspection: It is mandatory to verify their performance properties & conditions with oil analysis for the oils that have been kept for a long period of time. On satisfactory analysis results, oils can be used or else needs to be disposed off.
  2. Storage Temperature: It is mandatory to maintain the storage temperature of different categories of oil. For eg highly additised oil (Motor, Gear) are at high risk if placed at the low temperature storage room.
  3. Shelf Life: All new oils should have identification marking their shelf life in order to identify their shelf life. Oils used after their shelf life would pose a high threat to machinery.

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