Minimac accepted the challenge to filter 72 kiloliters of Oil within 72 hours

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

Challenges and Problems are the fuel of Success. Such a challenging problem was faced by the UMPP (Ultra Mega Power Project) 2*800MW thermal power plant.

In 2021, the plant called an annual shutdown, just before unit start-up, they found oil quality is not up to the mark to circulate it within the system. They had to run the plant within 3 to 4 days after cleaning 72 thousand liters of Oil to maintain the quality as per standard. The head of maintenance of the unit searched for a reliable and trustworthy name in the market for the task and then contacted Minimac Systems Pvt. Ltd. for the rescue.

Minimac is involved in manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and trading a range of oil purifications and reconditioning plants, allied machines, and laser particle counters. The Minimac team accepted the challenge to filter 72 kiloliters of Oil within 72 hours. The team knew its skills, but the enormous provocation was to transport the machine to the site and complete the task within time. They shipped the machine and later transported it with their personal vehicles. It took 8 hours to install the equipment, and they were ready to achieve the milestone.

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The oil was tested and found NAS10 before they started filtering the oil. At an interval of 18 hours, the oil samples were getting checked for work progress, and after the 3rd round of the quality test, the Minimac team achieved the target and got a favorable result of NAS6. Further, the machine was run to achieve NAS5. Minimac had to finish the task much before 72 hours and it was done only in 40 hours.
This was a challenging task for the team, nearly like a world record if they could filter 72 thousand liters of oil in 40 hours using a compact size filtration trolley.

We used only a single set of correct filters i.e., the MR series filter element to achieve the goal. We did it with 2X FS-150-2S-H-V to get a favorable result for the client satisfaction to meet the standards.
Nothing is impossible if we take up the challenge with great zeal and passion. This synergy happened because of the perfect combination of methodology and technology. Completing the task within the timeline was a challenge, but as it is often said and we strongly believe "hard work always pays off".
Minimac is on a mission to change the way lubrication is being performed in the core sector's industrial plants. We strive to provide better machine efficiency and reduce the cost of maintenance and downtime by promoting Zero Mechanical Breakdown in rotary and hydraulic equipment through lubrication management.

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