Oil Condition Monitoring Equipment

Oil condition monitoring is an important aspect of lubrication reliability. Most lubrication systems are designed as per international standards of ISO, ASTM, API or others. Lubricating oil quality and its maintenance finds the utmost priority in the maintenance manuals of the OEMs.

There are multiple oil quality parameters which need to be tested on regular intervals. These parameters thus obtained are compared to the reference values as provided by the OEMs or the international industry standard documents.

However, in absence of in-house infrastructure for testing and monitoring, maintenance professionals struggle to follow an ideal oil analysis programme. Their dependence on outside agencies for sampling, testing and trend monitoring pulls back the basic intent of periodic oil condition monitoring.

Minimac offers equipment for on-site testing and monitoring of oil conditions. The need of a laboratory infrastructure or specialized lab personnel is mostly not mandatory to operate the offered equipment and instruments under the Oil Condition Monitoring System. Regular maintenance professionals can be trained easily to use the instruments and equipment, thereby empowering them towards self-dependence.

The category of Oil Condition Monitoring System can be further divided into 2 sub-categories of instruments: