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Oil Dehydration System

LVDH Series:

This system works on stage wise mechanical filtration and low vacuum dehydration technology.

Minimac MLC-LVDH oil purification systems are high-end technology machines popularly used for filtration (fine solid particle removal) and dehydration (moisture removal) of lubricating and hydraulic oils. MLC-LVDH series machines are externally attached, independently operating by-pass oil purifying machines.


  • Power plants – coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, bio-mass

  • Steel & rolling mills

  • Cement mills & RMCs

  • Non-ferrous mineral plants – Al/Zn/Pb etc.

  • Coal & metal mines

  • Pulp & paper plants

  • Automobile manufacturing

  • Pressing, stamping, forging & foundry

Types of oil which can be cleaned:

  • Lubricant oil

  • Gear oil

  • Turbine oil

  • Hydraulic oil

  • Thermic oil

  • Quenching oil


Minimac Low Vacuum Dehydration System, oil filtration, moisture in oil, lubrication reliability, oil dehydration, contamination control


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