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Are you experiencing sub-optimal results even after changing filters?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

We have talked about how to procure filters and what specifications to look for, but selecting the filter according to the specifications doesn’t ensure the best results if a filter is not employed properly. In this article, we will discuss a few factors which can impair a filter's performance.

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Whenever you are experiencing sub-optimal results even after changing filters, below are some possibilities which should be checked for:

1. Collapsed center tube

2. Inconsistent media quality

3. Damaged or burst filter media – fatigue

4. Bypass at filter media seam

5. Bypass due to adhesive failure

6. Damaged gasket or O-ring seal

7. Bypass valve jammed in open/closed position

8. Installation error, installing a filter in the opposite flow direction

9. Bypass valve leakage

10. Misaligned filter and seal

If none of the above factors contribute to the sub-optimal functioning of your filters we suggest you contact the Minimac Consulting team for required filter calculations and further investigations.

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