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Are you topping up lubricants or impurities in your machines?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Topping up lubricant is a routine practice in most of the industries. We generally use oil cans and top-up containers for the same. Often we do not put a lot of thought towards the cleanliness of these containers and hence introduce a lot of particle contaminants into the system doing more bad than good to the machine.

Here, are the best 5 practices for oil-can and top-up containers:

1. Keep your containers sealed: We should always use containers that can be sealed airtight. Always reseal the containers between uses.

2. Remove galvanised containers: We should not use Galvanised containers as they act as dirt magnets.

3. Dedicate & Label your containers: We should dedicate containers to a class of “mixable lubricants” only and label them to avoid mixing of incompatible lubricants while topping up.

4. Use designated lockers: Don’t use top-up containers to store oil next to machines. Instead, place containers in a nearby locker or cabinet between uses. This will ensure less particle contamination.

5. Keep Containers Clean: Inspect containers routinely for dirt, water, debris, etc. Ensure cleaning the containers even if the contamination on the container is really minute.

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In case you are still confused about your Oil Containers and Oil Cans maintenance. Minimac is here to help you. Call +91 7030901266 for Lubrication Reliability and Contamination Control.

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