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PE Fluid Reconditioning in Turbine EHC System at CLP India Jhajjar Power Limited

Customer Overview:

CLP India, Jhajjar Power Plant is a 1,320 MW (2 x 660 MW) one of India's first and largest supercritical coal-fired power plant in private sector located at Haryana, India. This case shot shows their proactiveness and team’s awareness towards Lubrication Reliability to avoid the breakdown of Power Plant.

Concern Analysed:

  • Degradation of EH oil properties at both the units at their plant.

  • The installed regeneration system for each EHGC tank of unit #1 and unit #2 was failing to control neutralisation number (TAN value) and showing a rapid increase in the same.

  • The company was aware of the consequences due to increase in the TAN values like possibilities of failure of Servo valve, hunting, power generation loss, unplanned shut down etc.

Proactive Measures Taken:

  • Oil Analysis was done to check the properties of EH oil i.e Moisture, NAS value, Total Acid Number.

  • Minimac’s System MLC LVDH Trix-20 was installed at CLP India’s site along with the deployment of Service Engineer till the desired target was achieved.

  • Below graphs show the trend analysis of TAN and NAS values tracked during the recondition of EH oil at Unit #1 and Unit #2 where Moisture level was also tracked & kept within permissible limit.

Minimac team was engaged to Unit #1 on 26th April 2019 and finished reconditioning of EH oil on 21st May 2019.

Minimac team was engaged to Unit #2 on 30th March 2019 and finished reconditioning of EH oil on 23rd April 2019.

Solution Implemented:

Minimac uses the proven technology for reconditioning EH oil i.e. TAN Reduction by Ion Exchange method (TRIX) MLC LVDH TRIX 20 which is a combo package designed for simultaneous reduction of TAN, Moisture and NAS value of the EHC fluid. It plays a major role in achieving the properties range within the recommended limits. An onsite training on the function of EH oil Re-Conditioner, FRF maintenance and contamination control, Importance of Oil Analysis Program was provided to Client by Minimac’s Service Engineer.

Consumable details of each unit are: Filter consumption - 01 qty of 10-micron filter element and 01 qty of 3 microns consumed to achieve NAS 4 cleanliness. Total consumption of Resin- 25 Ltr


  • Extending Oil Life

  • Reduced TAN Value

  • Increased Turbine Reliability

  • Eliminate Oil Change

Way Forwards:

  • It is advised to use FRF Re-conditioning system on regular basis 24x7 to keep oil properties within acceptable limits.

  • FRF maintenance program should be scheduled and to be followed dedicatedly.

  • Oil Analysis Program (OAP) should be Implemented.

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