Success Story: A small change can bring a Big Difference

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

Do you agree that the little things, if done consistently, add to the big things? The same applies to every field of life, whether it is personal or professional. The very recent example recites it very true. The whole story begins with an opportunity to supply and commission 8 numbers of Oil Quality Testing Equipment for a sector that is crucial regarding the nation's safety. It was a great experience to work with the best brains and brave hearts.

We started our journey from Pune to a remote location in Odisha, Koraput. When we landed at the nearest airport, we knew it was more than a 5-hour journey by road, crossing many hills, valleys, forests, and ghats. During our travel, we encountered many wild animals and, surprisingly, snakes like pythons crossing the road. Probably, high wind and rain were making it more scary and adventurous. We arrived at our stay very late at night. After such a long day, we were excited to hit the bull’s eye the next day.

We couldn’t resist the enthusiasm and reached the plant before the time the next morning. We were very happy to see the grand welcome following intense security protocols. The industry can be classified as Defense & Space. A division regularly conducted workshops for the customers to better understand and utilize the products.

We showed our advanced Oil Testing Equipment, LPA3, but a few officers were not confident enough about the deliverables. The technology they used then was outdated and failed to meet the latest standard. We had to install, commission, and demonstrate 8 particle counters at different locations and in different machines. We did it within 10 working hours, which was an achievement in every sense. Along with the demonstration, we made them understand the minimum human intervention and the impossibility of tampering with our oil quality testing equipment results. As they were following traditional practices, this technological advancement was much needed in their plant, and it was about to bring a big difference. We did our best in the least time. The company officials were really happy & fulfilled and so were we. It was a great experience, and a perfect example of a small change can bring a big difference.

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