TOFS Series:

Transformer oil filtration machine - Fine filtration, moisture removal, acid removal and maintain break down voltage of transformer oil.

Transformer plays an important role in power generation. Present transformer oil requires high quality and high purity of insulating oil to get the performance of the transformer to its peak level. The Transformer Oil Filtration machine works on the principle of filter out the impurities through stage-wise filtration, water, dissolved gases, acetylene, hydrogen, and other gases through vacuum extraction and, acid removal through the ion exchange principle. Additionally Transformer Oil Filtration Machine is equipped with evacuation system to dry out the system in maintenance time.

The Transformer Oil Filtration Machine are capable to remove the water contamination from the oil more than 5% to less than 0.01% in a short time. The system is well designed with stage-wise filtration arrangement which can ensure contamination level under control and mentioned NAS 5 (ISO 15/12.)


  • Power generation plants–coal, gas, hydro, nuclear wind and, solar
  • Power utility plants
  • Power substations
  • Metallurgical fields
  • Railway Sector
  • Oil & gas industries CPP plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Coal & metal mines
  • Chemical sector
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Industries that require an on-site transformer

Types of oil which can be cleaned:

  • Transformer oil
  • Insulating oil


  • It removes the moisture and impurities from the oil
  • It keeps the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil within the permissible limit
  • It increases the life of transformer oil as well as transformer
  • It can be operated while the transformer is in charged condition
  • It can protect the transformer from unplanned shutdown and heavy monetary losses