Understanding of the BETA factor

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

We concluded in our last article on Beta Factor. In this article, we will talk more about BETA Factor for buying new filters.

What is the Beta Ratio?

The beta ratio refers to the efficiency in which a given filter element removes the particle of a given size. The Beta Ratio is calculated using the ISO multi-pass test standard 16889:1999.

How is it measured?

The test involves adding particles of a known size to the test fluid until the fluid reaches a saturation point and then bringing the filter online to remove particles in one pass through the element. It is important to consider that the beta ratio is valid for a particular size of the particle. For Example for a 5-micron filter, how many particles are above 5-micron mark in upstream of the filter and how many are downstream is measured. And then by using the below formula, the Beta Ratio is calculated.

Each Beta factor corresponds to an efficiency of the filter, the same can be matched as per the below chart.

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So, to purchase a filter with a beta ratio of 2-10 is considered poor, it is advised to use filters with at least a Beta factor of 75 and 98.7% effectiveness. High quality, efficient filter assemblies can achieve 200 to 2000 Beta Ratio for given particle size and should be ideal to achieve a low level of contamination.

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