Temporary power connection do's and don'ts

Team Minimac

Feb 24, 2022 · 2 min read

Do’s :

  1. Ensure taking a work permit from the site in charge and conduct a Tool Box Talk.
  2. All electrical jobs to be conducted by a certified electrician.
  3. Ensure all the equipment is flameproof.
  4. Equipment that operates in three-phase power should have double neutral earthing.
  5. The use of an Earth-leakage circuit breaker is a must for all the equipment.
  6. The current rating for all equipment should not be greater than 30Amps.
  7. Ensure use of proper rating Direct On Line Motor Starter in individual machines.
  8. Ensure use of proper armored cables for the main power connection.
  9. If there are cable lying on the road crossings or pathways should be covered and concealed to protect them from physical damage.
  10. Cables without any joints should be used at all times.
  11. Cables should be laid above the ground to the maximum possible extend.
  12. Electrical connections should be kept clean, dry, and tight at all times.
  13. Ensure all power supplies are switched off from the feeder pillar immediately if the equipment is not in use on a daily basis.
  14. Maintenance person should be informed after completing the job if there is no requirement for the temporary power.

Don’ts :

  1. Don’t use power supply above 24 V inside confined spaces.
  2. Do not lay the unarmored cable on the ground
  3. Do not twist and carry connections between two cables.
  4. Do not keep a temporary feeder pillar near water.
  5. Do not sublet any temporary connection to another contractor.
  6. Do not increase the load without informing the electrical maintenance department for a temporary power supply.
  7. Do not allow an unauthorized electrical person on the job location.

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